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Building a pouring game with a Raspberry Pi, two scales and Vue.js

😑 TL;DR:
I built a pouring competition game for the people that joined CocktailCity, as part of Bucharest Street Food Festival 2017. The game ran on a Raspberry Pi, connected to two scales via USB (nothing crazy 😜).

Note: Cocktail City photos © 2017

 How I’ve come to do this

A while ago I was introduced to Ionut Ivanov of Exquisite Bar Solutions by a common friend. As we’re coming from very different fields of work, we naturally started to think about how we could build something together by merging our passions.

Ionut told me that there’s an upcoming event they will attend, that it will require various activities, and it would be a good place to experiment something cool.


 The idea - “Pour Challenge”

Pouring a specific amount of liquid using just your hand and your brain is a valuable skill for bartenders. We thought we’ll make a battle game out of this.

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Back in town


I was gone for quite a while from the online space. Being busy with many things going on around me, there was never time to create any valuable content. Here’s a short recap of what happened to me in the past year.

Back home

 Moving back home

Five years ago, I left Romania on a sour note, sick of the everyday sight of a system soaked in corruption, that didn’t live to serve its people. I remember thinking that I can’t live here - not like this. Yet, about a year ago I moved back here, and you know what? It’s not that bad. The system didn’t change at all, I did.

What changed inside me? Why? I’m still not sure, but I think I’ve learned to appreciate the little things at home, our culture, our identity, but mostly our potential. We create greatness and then we ship it to other nations. Why can’t we strive here? I don’t know, but I’m trying to find out.

 Starting a company

We tried, we

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